Solutions That Work for a Lifetime


We create projects that last. By working closely with each community, we provide clean water infrastructures that are easily managed and used. Each community creates a Water Users Committee to take charge of their project. They make sure the community is well-informed, repair any broken parts, and teach the community about sanitation. By focusing heavily on the community, education, and transparency, we ensure our projects will work long-term.

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Community Development

All of our projects focus on community development. We help provide a better environment for women and children to grow and reach their potential.



It is important that each community is properly trained on how to maintain their water project in case anything breaks. We work closely with the Water Users Committee to provide educational training opportunities.



Providing a solution the community wants creates a good result. We want to feel a part of their community and welcome them into our family. Once we are welcomed, we can work closely with every member of the community.



Our Work

We are currently working on the beginning phases of our first project for a community in northern Kenya. The community is located in a desert climate with short rain seasons. We will be sharing more information soon. Sign up for our newsletter or visit our social media pages for more updates on this project!