It all started when…

founder, James Leitner, wanted to help those without clean, drinking water. For one year, he completed a marathon a month while carrying 5 gallons of water to symbolize the distance women and children must walk every day to find water. He completed a 3,250 mile walk from New Jersey to California while pulling 10 gallons of water, representing the total distance a child walks in one year to get water. After collaborating, engaging, and consulting with international development organizations, he is working to ensure everyone has access to clean water. 


MissionCleanWater is working to bring clean water and sanitation to under served communities. We partner with communities to develop sustainable solutions using appropriate technology that is easily maintained and understandable to people who may not have specialized training. We want to make sure the work is done right. We have visited to many project sites of multi million dollar charities that only last a year and have never provided clean water. That is why we work closely with the community for every step of the process. From funding, project implementation, to follow up management, the community has full control of what occurs. We provide the technical and fundraising capacity to create a viable sustainable clean water source.

Our Mission