It all started when…

founder, James Leitner, wanted to help those without clean drinking water. For one year, he completed a marathon a month while carrying 5 gallons of water to symbolize the distance women and children must walk every day to find water. He completed a 3,250 mile walk from New Jersey to California while pulling 10 gallons of water, representing the total distance a child walks in one year to get water. He reguarly completes symbolic fundraisers to show what women and children face to collect water each day. He has developed a career in water resource management and wants to use his knowledge to give people clean water. After collaborating, engaging, and consulting with international development organizations, he is working to ensure everyone has access to clean water.


Why MissionCleanWater?

Reliable, year round, access to clean water is critical for a community to develop, especially for women and children. Through multiple field studies, MissionCleanWater has seen hundreds of clean water projects broken, dried up, stressed, or at risk of failing. We want to ensure every community can have clean water, even in the toughest of conditions.


Clear results and donor planning

All information collected is available for the public to see. Donors are provided information on the impact they are making regardless if it is a small or large gift.


Community Planning

Every decision made is focused around community needs and results. The community participates in each step of the planning process and will ultimately lead to a project succeeding.


Impact Investing for the future

Each project is designed to give future generations new opportunity. Through training, planning, and education, each solution will not have issues for 30 years.


Technical & Management PROFESSIONALS

From fundraising, implementation, and community training, we are present for every step. Our team of technical pros ensure the most reliable solution.