We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to bring clean water and sanitation to underserved communities. We partner with communities to develop sustainable solutions using appropriate technology that is easily maintained and understandable to people who may not have specialized training. By working with the community for the entirety of the project, we can ensure it will not fail.

884 million

884 million people live without access to clean drinking water. 


60% of all water projects have failed in Africa. 

2.3 billion

2.3 billion people live without basic sanitation or a restroom.

Water Changes Everything.

Water is necessary for life. Without clean drinking water, all aspects of life are stopped. Women and children walk long distances, 6 hours every day, to retrieve dirty water. The long walks force children, mostly girls, to miss school. Girls will walk at night because walking in the daytime can be dangerous. The water brought back is dirty, but it is all they have. Many children can not fight off water related diseases which is why dirty water is the top killer of children under 5.

What Does Clean Water look like? 

Clean water changes everything. It eliminates the long walks. Children, especially girls, have more time to go to school. Women can work or take care of their families. Water-related illnesses dissappear. The whole community changes as it works together to manage its clean water infrastructure. Access to clean water provides education, health, gender equality, and community development.

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