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Clean Water for a Lifetime

8 in 10

people living in rural areas lack access to clean water services.


60% of all water projects have failed in Africa. 

2.2 billion

People around the world do not have safely managed drinking water.

Learn our founding story below. James Leitner, our founder, walked 3,250 miles across the USA pulling 10 gallons of water in 143 days to symbolize how far a child walks in a year to just collect water.


Water Changes Everything.

Water is necessary for life. Without clean water, all aspects of life stop. Women and children will walk 6 hours a day to retrieve dirty water. The walks force girls to miss school. Many diseases are in dirty water and young children can not always fight off those diseases.


What Does Clean Water look like? 

Clean water changes everything. It eliminates the long walks. Girls have more time to go to school. Women can work or take care of their families. Water-related illnesses disappear. Access to clean water provides education, health, equality, and community development.

Project Communities

We are working on a clean water solution for the Agirigiroi community in Uganda. Once completed, 1,500 people will have clean water for generations to come. This video shows the work being done.


We have 5 other communities waiting for water assistance.


Become a Partner

Partnerships are an excellent way to help provide clean drinking water. Learn different ways to become involved by clicking below.