Living off the land

Agirigiroi is 1,500 person community that thrive off fertile land and a swampy marsh. They have welcomed our team to learn about their water issues and how they survive during the dry season. During field assessments, we would stay all day long because families would want to show us how they cook, play, and entertain each other.



The only water sources are hand dug wells. The water is murky, shared with animals, and used for everything. For the 4 month dry season, all of the hand dug wells go dry. Women and children will walk 4 kms to a well shared by over 5,000 people.

Sickness and Dirty Water

“That happens all the time, we just scope the mouse out and drink the water.”
Different bacteria are present in the hand dug wells. Children and adults become ill from the water, but it is the only source available.


Clean Water, Training, and Community Leaders


Clean water is on its way

Through planning, training, and community meetings, clean water is on its way. Once completed, every community member will be within a .5km walk to get clean water that is available year round. This project will face no technical issues for up to 30 years.


It takes an entire community

The community helps with each step of the project. They provide help for training, maintenance, and designs. They volunteer their time, energy, and resources to complete the project.


Project Technical Responsibility

The project process takes its own team of engineers, scientists, and managers to ensure it all works. Local professionals have offered their services to see the impact the project will have.


How Your Donations Have Helped

We have been working with Agirigiroi and for the past year. All the donations have gone to complete their clean water project. The project phases highlight what we have already used donations for and what we still need assistance with.


1. Water Exploration

In order to find the best location for water, detailed surveys are completed.


2. Borehole Drilling

A 60m deep hole was dug to reach clean water that can be pumped up and consumed.


3. Distribution Network

A 60m deep hole was dug to reach clean water that can be pumped up and consumed.


4. Solar Installation

To make the project work year round and without issues, solar energy is installed.

In order to fully fund this project, $9,600 more is needed to complete the solar installation parts of the project.

Meet The Agirigiroi Community