MissionCleanWater Virtual Run

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How it Works

On March 25th, we will be hosting a Virtual Run for World Water Day. Together we will represent the women and children walking for water everyday.

You have 24 hours to complete the distance of your choosing from any location. 

Share with friends and family to sponsor your run.

Track your time using apps such as MapMyRun or Strava. Share your results using @MissionCleanWater or sending an email. MissionCleanWater@gmail.com

Everyone receives a medal and prizes from our sponsors.

The fastest 5 km runner, fastest 10 km runner, and the longest distance runner gets special gifts from each sponsor. 



Free Lifetime Membership in Endurance Club to Participants

For anyone who participates in the Virtual Run, PacificHealth Laboratories will donate a FREE lifetime membership to the Endurance Club. Membership benefits include, discounted products, copy of Nutrient Timing the acclaimed book by Dr. John Ivy and Dr. Robert Portman, sample pack of Endurox R4, Accelerade, Accel Gel, and 2nd Surge, and a performance tip delivered to your inbox every week.

Click here to learn more.

Steps to Participate

1. register BElow!

Decide the distance and location. Once you register, we will send you a race bib.

2. Have fun, run, and share!

Have fun running! Reach out to sponsors. Keep track of your time and distance. 


3. Send us your completion!

Send us your results or share online to recieve your medal and running treats.