Why Water?

Clean Water Creates Life.


Dirty and Deadly.

Everyone's life revolves around water. Many people are lucky and do not have to find water because a sink or faucet is only a few feet away. The reality is 884 million people must search for water every day, drinking from anywhere they can. The water they find is often shared with animals and goes dry for 5 months of the year. Many children that drink contaminated water become ill because their immune systems are too weak to fight off waterborne illnesses.


The Long Walks.

It is women and children's job to retrieve water. Some walk 1-5 miles to a water source and walk back carrying 5 gallons of water for their family sometimes making the same trip multiple times a day. The long walks can be dangerous. Many girls choose to walk in groups or at night to lower any chance of being harmed.


What does Clean Water Look Like?



With access to clean drinking water, water-related illnesses almost disappear. As a result, clinics do not spend time and resources fighting water-related diseases, children are not sick allowing more time for other activities. A healthier and cleaner community can flourish.



When long walks for water are eliminated, women and children have 6 more hours to the day. Children can spend the day in school. Women can work and take care of their family. Increased opportunities create a stronger, happier community.



When clean water is provided to a community, children do not have to spend all day carrying water. Children, especially girls, have the chance to attend school and pursue an education. Many projects provide water to schools, which creates a clean and healthy environment in which to learn.


Empowering Women

Women are often responsible for retrieving water. Clean, accessible water gives more chances to be part of their community, find work, or take care of their family. Having clean water helps them build a strong, healthy family.