The Triple Crown of 200s

During the summer of 2019, Chris Roma will begin an endurance feat only 7 people have completed. He will try and complete three 200 mile races all a month apart from each other to help children gain access to clean drinking water. He has to complete the Bigfoot 200, Lake Tahoe 200, and the Moab 240.

What will it take to complete all three races?

207:206:240 miles

Each race, one month apart has over 200 miles. The longest is the Moab 200 with 240 miles to complete.

8.25 Mt. Everest’s

After completing all three races, Chris will have climbed up and down Mt. Everest 8.25 times.

450 people

If Chris reaches his fundraising goal, 450 people will gain access to clean water.


Why Water and Adventure?

In order for adventures to be successful, you need clean water. All three races Chris will complete are in the deep back country of Washington, California, Nevada, and Utah were there is no cell phone service, food, or clean water. Chris will rely on collecting water and treating it throughout each race to stay healthy. He will run through dense forests, high elevation, and hike through relentless deserts. He needs a clean water source to keep going.

The Races

BigFoot 200

On Aug 10th, Chris will start navigating 206.5 miles of trails throughout the forests and lava deposits of Mt. St. Helens in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. He will climb and fall 50,000ft multiple times to beat the 105 hour cut off.

Tahoe 200

Starting Sept 7th, Chris will circumnavigate Lake Tahoe and explore the dense forests of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range for 205.5 miles. This race is a constant fight with high elevation, freezing temperatures, and little rest. Nothing new Chris can not handle.



Moab 240

On Oct 12, Chris will depart in one of the hardest races in the world. He will begin running 240 miles through out the red rock landscape of the La Sal Mountains and Moab desert. He will climb higher then 10,500 feet, battle scorching heat in the red valley, and hike through freezing temperatures at night to beat a 112 hour cut off.

Who is Chris Roma?

Chris Roma is a selfless individual who has used his love for the outdoors and family grow into who he is today. He has hiked some the longest trails in the United States and is recognized for his environmental stewardship and speed as a thru hiker. He is hard to stop once he is motivated and is not one to quit. Through his love for the outdoors and adventure, he will be a name to remember.

Why Water?

Water is important to any adventure. Without clean water, Chris would not be able to do what he loves, exploring. While on these isolates trails, he will have to purify his water the entire time. Without clean water, he will not finish. This is why he is raising money to help children gain access to clean drinking water. Please help Chris reach his goal of $9,000.