Water Runners Running Club


Mission & Goals


We run for the women and children who walk every day to retrieve water. By running, we are working to provide clean, accessible water and sanitation to their communities. 

Each state has its own community and works together to raise donations to fund their clean water project. Raise funds by participating in different local races and getting people to pledge a donation towards your run.

Fill out the form below so we can help you connect with runners in your state, pick races, decide on a donations goal, send you fundraising kits, and more.


1. Pick Races

Find races in your area that work with your schedule, distance, and desired difficulty.


2. Donations Goal

Decide an amount you want to raise for each race.


3. Share!

Reach out to friends and family to achieve your donation goal or to encourage more people to join you.


4. Have Fun!

Have fun at your race and make sure to share it online.

We want to help you with your running goals. Contact us below and we can create a plan together to increase your impact.

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