World Water Day “Virtual Run”


March 24th, 2019


What is a Virtual Run?


Great Question! A “Virtual Run” is a race that people can conveniently join from any location and complete any distance.

Whether it’s running around town, walking to your mailbox, jogging on a treadmill, or getting out of bed. You can remotely join MissionCleanWater to help with clean water initiatives.

You set the pace, you pick the distance, we bring clean water.

After March 24th, we will mail a medal and running gear! Click our registration button to see more fundraising goals.

1. Register
Fill out the registration form above. Decide on a fundraising goal (optional).


2. Race Day
On Mar 24th, get out there and get moving! Share your experience.


3. Have Fun!
Happy Running! Let’s make a difference together.


Where Does My Registration Go?

Registration acts as a donation and will directly help the 1,500 person community of Agirigiroi.

Community members have undergone training and the project is almost complete. Currently, they rely on hand dug wells of murky water for nourishment that go dry for 5 months out of the year.

Support Our Runners

Having a fundraising goal is not required but an excellent way to meet our team, earn giveaways, and join the MissionCleanWater community. Select a fundraising goal and we will create a personal profile for you below!


James Leitner

James has always gone the extra mile for our Virtual Run events and will be completing a 50km run. Support him through his adventure run on April 14th by reaching his $500 goal.