Devil’s Path Round Trip Record Attempt

James Leitner will try and break the devils path round trip trail record to help children gain access to clean drinking water. Help him raise his $500 goal.
What will it take to break the record?

12 Mountain Tops

There are 12 mountains to go up and over with elevation so steep, you have to scramble and rock climb.

51 miles

The total distance to complete is 51 miles. This trail has no flat sections making the task more daunting.


The current record is 18 hours and 15 minutes. Lets see if James can beat it.


Why Water and Adventure?

In order for adventures to be successful, you need clean water. The Devils Path is a remote hiking trail in the Catskills Mountains of New York. The only water on sight are rivers and lakes. As James runs, he must purify the water as he goes in order to avoid drinking contaminated water.

The Trail

This trail is considered the hardest in the Catskills Mountains that attracts all skill levels. From the beginning to the end, the elevation will maintain a significant challenge but reveal beautiful overlooks of New York State.

The Water

James is dedicating this run to raise $500 and help children gain access to clean drinking water. As he is hiking, he will have to purify his water the entire time. Without clean water, he will not break the record.