Winter Ascent of Hunter Mountain

On December 18th, Ross Kulick will complete a winter ascent of Hunter Mountain and ski down to help children gain access to clean drinking water. Help him raise his $60 goal.
What does it take to complete a freezing temperature hike?

Hunter Mountain

Getting to the top is not easy task. Imagine climbing a staircase with 20lbs on you back for 5 miles.

2,245ft climb

Ross starts with a 2,245ft climb for 2.5 miles to the top. Then next is the ski down the mountain.

4,045ft altitude

This is the highest point Ross will climb to.


Ross hit his fundraising goal of $60!

Why Water and Adventure?

In order for adventures to be successful, you need clean water. The trails of hunter mountain are isolated, there is no water fountain. The only water Ross will have is the water he brings with him. Without clean water, he will not be able to explore and stay healthy. Ross is dedicating this hike to help children gain access to clean drinking water by raising $60.

The Trail

To keep him safe, Ross will be using snowshoes to hike, in full gear, through trails that are behind the mountain. The trails will be icy, snow covered, and have minimal human contact. He will be the only one back there hiking up and taking a victory ski down Upper K27.

Who is Ross Kulick?

Ross is a humble outdoor enthusiast that loves showing his love for the outdoors to his friends and family. He is a kind person that is building a career in sustainable infrastructure and environmental stewardship. He is an inspiration to anyone that gets to meet him.