Our Start

MissionCleanWater began with the passion of their founder, James Leitner, to help those without clean, accessible drinking water. For one year, he completed a marathon a month while carrying 5 gallons of water to symbolize the distance women and children must walk every day to find water. He completed a 3,250 mile walk from New Jersey to California while pulling 10 gallons of water, representing the total distance a child walks in one year to get water. After collaborating, engaging, and consulting with international development organizations, he is working to ensure everyone has access to clean water. 



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Water Changes Everything.

Water is necessary for life. Without clean drinking water, it is difficult for a community to develop. Women and children must walk long distances every day to retrieve water. The long walks force children to miss time in school. Most often, young girls walk for water. Many must walk at night because walking in the daytime can be dangerous. The water they bring back is not clean, but it is all they have. Many children's immune systems are too weak to fight off water-related illnesses.

What Does Clean Water look like? 

Clean water changes everything. It eliminates long walks for water. Children, especially girls, have more time to go to school. Women can work or take care of their families. Water-related illnesses diminish. The whole community changes as it works together to manage its clean water infrastructure. Access to clean water provides education, health, gender equality, and community development.

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Our Mission

MissionCleanWater is a nonprofit organization working to provide clean, accessible drinking water and sanitation to isolated communities. The United Nations is working to provide clean drinking water to all communities in the world by 2030. We want to be part of that solution. MissionCleanWater focuses on community management, sanitation, and transparency, to ensure our projects last a lifetime. 

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60% of all projects built have failed in Africa. Our projects will not fail.

663 million

663 million people live without access to clean drinking water. 

2.3 billion

2.3 billion people live without basic sanitation or a restroom.



Our Work


We are currently organizing efforts to provide clean water to communities in the Rift Valley, an area in North Kenya known for its dry climate and pastoral lifestyle.

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