Event 3: TriState Ultra 50k Weekend

Mountain Creek Ski Resort
Vernon, NJ
April 27-28th, 2019


Ryan’s first daunting weekend started bright and early on Saturday with a 50km race and following the next day with a half marathon obstacle race. Mountain races pose a unique threat because they are never flat and the weather at the top of the mountain is going to be very different then the conditions at the bottom. With 20+ mph winds expected for race weekend, how will Ryan handle the conditions?


RAce Description

Mountain Spartan races are no joking matter, definitely not the ones at Mountain Creek. Famous for its steep descents and rough conditions, covering 31 miles and hundreds of obstacles is no easy task.
When you go up, expect to go down, many times. Runners will go up and down the mountain multiple times while carrying sand bags or going under barbed wire.
Racers often stop to catch their breath by enjoying the beautiful views of forested New Jersey.

Ryan’s Race Report

When things do not go as planned.
Sometimes race reports are small because of low energy after races, jumping in back to the routine, or for many reasons.

“Learned a lot today!

- In the Spartan world if you need to seek medical attention that means you cannot race any longer.

- I sliced my hand early in the race and 18 miles later popped my glove off to take a peek. What I found freaked me out a bit.

- Hand was blown up, purple, bleeding

- Instead of finishing the final 14 miles I went to the medical tent to have it checked out. All is well! I wrapped it too tight and the circulation was cut off for a few hours, normal color has since returned.

- heading back to Mountain Creek to give it another shot tomorrow !

Still got in an 18 mile run, burned 6,000 calories and hit 42,000 steps”

Boy did this one feel good.

- Redemption feels good. Yesterday didn’t go as planned. I was very disappointed with so many things.

- Went back out today and got my last lap completed, 14 more miles.

- To top it off, I had a near perfect race (only 1 failure, Olympus)

- I didn’t wanna go back on the mountain this morning, but I knew my weekend wasn’t done yet. And I’m sure glad I gave myself a good kick in the ass, because this one was special.