Event 2: Citi field Spartan Sprint

Citi Field (Home to New York Mets)
Queens, New York
April 13th, 2019


Ryan and other Spartan’s lined up at the start line of a Stadium Spartan Race at Citi Field, home to the New York Mets. To make up for elevation runs on mountains, spartan warriors will run through the bleachers. Can we make someone run all of the bleachers in a 40,000 person stadium? Spartan Race Stadium Series says yes!
What was the main difference between Ryan and the thousands of other participants? Ryan ran the course THREE times

Without clean water, Ryan will not be able to do the activities and events he loves. This is why he is dedicating his Spartan season to help other communities gain access to clean drinking water. Help him reach his goal of $25,000.


RAce Description

Spartan Stadium races are fast paced, between 3-5 miles, and include 20-23 obstacles. Stadium races are the perfect experience for any new or returning participant.

Similar to other stadium events, be prepared to run multiple stairs, complete some of the classic obstacles, carry heavy things, and for a few unique surprises.

Once you finish the race, enjoy your time in one of the most iconic stadiums.

Ryan’s Race Report

The stadium race at Citi Field will always hold a special place in my heart. It is where I ran my first ever Spartan Race in 2016, and received my first finisher medal.  It’s where it all started for me. The crazy thing is that this was my first time back since then! There were 30+ races between my first time at Citi Field, and this race. I couldn’t have been more excited to drive in that morning. The stadium races are typically considered to be the “beginner race” as they contain no technical terrain, no overly challenging obstacles, and are a short distance (some times barely 5k.)  I decided that I was going to run the course three times in a row, to give myself more of a physical challenge.

        The weather that Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  It started with some clouds and rain in the morning, but soon the sun emerged and the temperatures were around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Considering it was mid-April, it actually felt kind of hot.

        In a Spartan stadium race the biggest obstacle is the stairs.  In order to cover 3.5 miles of the course, you have to run up and down every set of stairs in the entire stadium. The stairs begin to add up, big time. For some this can seriously fatigue the legs if you are unprepared. Other obstacles include scaling 7-foot walls, the rings, the rope climb, the sandbag carry, and the sandbag hoist, among many others. The “Stadium Sprint” is true to its name. If you want to compete in this race, you better be ready to sprint all-out for the entire time. The average winning time is around 25 minutes.

        Time-wise I had a great day.  I was able to complete my first lap of the course in 45 minutes, and the second lap in 52.  This placed me in the top 5% of the overall race on both laps.  My third and final lap I decided to let off the gas a little bit and to enjoy time out there with my athletes that I coach.  I finished my third lap in 1 hour 13 minutes to conclude the day. Overall it was a fantastic experience, and my first time finishing three Spartan Races in one day.  I can’t wait till my next experience running three laps of a sprint course, next time being on much tougher terrain.