Event 1: Greek Peak Spartan Race

Greek Peak Mountain Resort
Cortland, New York
March 9th, 2019


Most Spartan participants stay away from this event but Ryan completed it twice. Notorious for its cold conditions and frequent snow, Greek Peak Mountain pushed over 3,000 participants to their limits. The race was 5 miles long with about 40 obstacles to complete. Don’t let the distance fool you because a majority of it was spent going up and down New York’s biggest ski resort.

Ryan has recognized that without clean water, he will not be able to do the activities and events he loves. This is why he is dedicating his Spartan season to help other communities gain access to clean drinking water. Help him reach his goal of $25,000.


RAce Description

The Greek Peak Spartan Race is considered a winter classic for east coast spartan warriors. This year especially because Cortland, NY experienced record snow fall.

Spartan runners battle slippery slopes and weighted carries through numerous slopes of the skiing mountain. Even though the temperature will below 15 degrees, the constant hill climbs will warm you up.

If you want to leave your comfort zone, this is the race to do it.

Ryan’s Race Report

This was my third consecutive year attending the Winter Sprint at Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Central New York. In 2017, the temperatures in the morning were well below zero, and the wind chill was around -14 degrees Fahrenheit.  This year we really lucked out!  The air temperature rose to up around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the winds were calm.  This made for an absolutely beautiful race day.

        The race course was very similar to years passed and began with a 500ft vertical climb straight up one of the biggest ski slopes.  This was to ensure that all racers had burning lungs, and legs right out of the gate. We then looped around and ran straight downhill through much thicker woods on some technical terrain. There we hit our first gauntlet of obstacles including the rings, barbed wire, atlas stones, rope climb, and sandbag carry.

        After our first obstacle gauntlet, the course was very flat which made for some fast-paced running, soon to be slowed down by the gravel bucket carry (~70lbs for males), monkey bars, and 150lb sandbag hoist. I was able to perform very well on all obstacles during this race, only failing my spear throw, which missed the target slightly to the left.

        The last leg of the course turned us back toward the start line and took us up the initial starting slope one more time for another 600ft vertical climb, this time through thick woods. This is where some racers really started to slow down, as the last slope had a seriously steep incline. The trail looped back around which led to a slippery downhill plunge toward the finish line. I was able to complete the 4-mile course in one hour and twenty minutes, placing me in the top half of the overall competitive race. I enjoyed the course so much I ran it again! I totaled over 8 miles and 2,500ft vertical gain on the day, enjoying a sunny, warm winter day.