The White Mountain Direttissima

Only accomplished by 13 people in the world, The White Mountain Direttissima or “most direct route” is accomplishing all 48 4,000-footers in New Hampshire in one long route. This involves completing 235 miles, 80,000ft in elevation, 48 mountain tops, and dangerous conditions.

If there is anyone up to this challenge, it is Chris Roma, Ryan Mitchell, and Ryan’s dog Cooper.

235 miles

235 miles of New Hampshire’s harshest terrain must be completed.

48 Mountain Tops

48 mountain tops and their rugged terrain must be accomplished.


The average elevation grade to be continuously climbed until completion.


Accomplishing the Direttissima would be impossible without clean water.
This is why Chris, Ryan, and Cooper are raising $4,000 towards clean water.


The 48 4,000-footers

Hiking all 48 4,000ft mountains in New Hampshire takes most people years to complete. Doing it in one attempt is unheard of. The bouldering, harsh, and steep trails make it unforgiving for anyone doing more than one mountain a day.

Compared to the other thru-hikes Chris has completed, the amount of variables will create a one-of-a-kind experience.


The Terrain

New Hampshire mountains are well known for their harsh terrain and uninhabitable mountain tops. Record breaking wind speeds often blow over trees and big game animals steps are prevalent at night. Each climb to a mountain top will be worth each mile of hiking.

Who Is Chris Roma?

Chris Roma is a selfless individual who has used his love for the outdoors and family grow into who he is today. He has hiked some the longest trails in the United States and is recognized for his environmental stewardship and speed as a thru hiker. He is hard to stop once he is motivated and is not one to quit. Through his love for the outdoors and adventure, he will be a name to remember.

Who are Ryan and Cooper?

Ryan is a humble local hiking legend in New Hampshire because of his friendly nature and adorable hiking companion, Cooper. He has hiked all 115 4,000 footers in ME, NH, VT, and NY. His journey only became better 2 years ago when Cooper joined him. Cooper has already hiked all the 4,000ft mountain in NH and is continuing on to complete all of them in the north east.