Conquering the Great Divide Journal Updates


Entry 1: Completing and Enjoying Glacier National Park


Billy is mobile and started the first portion of his hike on June 27th. He used this time to explore and see as much of Glacier National Park as he could. Considered to be some of the most beautiful areas, Glacier National Park is one of the few areas that are snow covered year round. No matter where you are in the National Park, the main sound that can be heard are the thousands of waterfalls falling off 13,000ft mountains. While in Glacier, he saw all types of wildlife including bears, groundhogs, birds of prey, and moose.


Billy officially landed on the Great Divide Trail on July 3rd crossing over to the Canadian border. After a day of hiking, he has met some others completing the same hike and had to back track until the trails reopen. They are closed until the season opens in a few days, but this is good because it gives Billy the opportunity to enjoy himself and see more of the area.