Hiking the Appalachian Trail: Walking So Children Can Have Clean Water

On May 1st, Chris Roma begins his first steps of the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail to help raise awareness and donations for clean water efforts. He had the lucky chance of meeting James when the Continental Divide Trail intersected James's Cross Country Walk. Since then, they have both remained good friends and in contact to work together to give people clean drinking water. 

Chris will be completing his triple crown when he finished the Appalachian Trail. A big moment of recognition in the outdoor community, meaning he has completed the Pacific Crest Trail (2,800 miles), the Continental Divide Trail (3,100 miles), and the soon to be Appalachian Trail.

Here is what Chris had to say about his upcoming journey:

"I am feeling like the world is waiting for me to be the change I want in the world and I am ready to take the steps.  Literally and physically. I feel confident and nervous knowing that this is the last of the 3 thru hikes. Feel strong, determined, focused, at peace, loved, supported from loved ones and friends, but I feel that this is the way to become the man my destiny wants me to be. 

My gear consists of my Pacfic Crest Trail tent 2 years ago, The north face mica fl1, a north face light weight sleeping bag from last year’s Continental Divide Trail hike, new Patagonia trail shorts, Darn Tough Vermont handmade socks, a used but new for me Hyperlite handmade bag,  Lekki trekking poles,  3 pairs of Salomon speed cross 4s, my Nikon d5100 DSLR to capture the moments never to be forgotten, Patagonia ultralight rain jacket, Northface ultralight weight puff hoodie, my jetboil for cooking, an ultralight inflatable sea to summit sleeping pad, Saywer water filter, and finally an iPhone 6 with a straight talk plan from Walmart!!! 

My overall plan is to create 3 water projects by raising $33,000.  One to represent my completion of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. One to represent last year’s completion of the $3,100-mile Continental Divide Trail. And this year, to end my triple crown with the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail.   I feel that the state of NH has my back and the USA does as well. The plan is to make this world a better place day by day. The best way to do that is to crush the Appalachian Trail.  No days off for 33 days because I want to raise $33,000.  I want to be done by mid-August taking 110 days to complete the thru-hike. This is an average of 22-23 miles per day which is no easy feat considering the rocky nature of the trail. During the 110 days, I will stay sober, no booze.  Stay vegetarian and follow the diet I did on the Continental Divide Trail as much as possible. 

I want to pass people and never get passed.  The more people I pass the more people I get the chance to talk to about MissionCleanWater and the work being done. No child or family should have to live searching for water every day that will just get them sick. I am walking for the girls that have to walk every day. Time to show people and other hikers how much I want this for the country of Kenya and the continent of Africa."