What would life be like without water?

Without Clean Water

884 million people wake up each day with their first task being to collect water. Almost all morning tasks require water. Most parents are worried about starting work or getting ready for the day, so someone else has to go collect it. The only option is for one of the children to go. Most boys are getting ready for school, so the girls aWhat would life be like without water?re set off to collect water in hopes of finishing in time so they can also attend school.

Depending on where the girl lives from the water collection location, she could be walking up to 30 minutes to 2 hours one way. The walk is completed every day, so the girls know the safest route. The water collected if often brown filled with dirt and algae from animals using the water too. It is the only water source available, so it has to be brought home. A five gallon can is filled and carried home. The weight is 45lbs and making the journey to collect water longer.

Once back home, the girl is exhausted but has just enough time to make a few periods of school on an empty stomach and only a cup of dirty water. She makes it to school but is exhausted. Her capacity to learn is low but learns as much information possible.

Once school is over, she notices a rumbling in her stomach. The dirty water she drank is not sitting well in her empty stomach. She lays down once at home and feels ill. After a light dinner and bath, she feels better but is exhausted knowing she will wake up tomorrow to do it all again.

With Clean Water

Almost all morning tasks require water. The water source is close by so any household member leaves to collect water.

Depending on where they live to the improved water source, they walk between 1 minute to 15 minutes one way. The water is clean so no one can become sick. A five-gallon can is filled and carried home.

Once back home, everyone starts there day with no delay. The parents leave for work while the children head off to school.

After a day of learning and a few meals, she plays with her friends and enjoys the rest of her day.