The Changes Agirigiroi Will See

Our first team meeting with Agirigiroi was in August of 2018. During that initial visit, they showed us the severity of their water issues. Since then, we have been working closely with them to develop a clean water solution. Each community member has worked closely with us to create the perfect solution for them. Since August, we have continued the project process and are ready to begin the final step.

Agirigiroi's current water situation is dire and in need of intervention. During our August 2018 field assessment trip to Uganda, Agirigiroi was the one highlighted community with the most severe water scenario. This is because there is no clean water source within 4 kms (2.5 miles). The water sources they use go dry for 4 months every year. What they do drink can effortlessly make someone sick. The combination of frequent illness and time spent collecting water is limiting the number of opportunities for community members hindered by dirty water.

Together, we have developed a solution that will fix all of the health and time issues people are currently facing. The first is the development of a readily available clean water source. A borehole was drilled for Agirigiroi finding a very productive water table. Since there is so much water, we know that there is enough for people to continuously use. The well will be solar powered so it can be pumped year round without any issues. Finally, different collection points are going to be created within Agirigiroi so that no one will have more than a .5km walk to have clean water.

To show the work being completed, we hope you enjoy this video.