Agirigiroi Project Update: Finding Gold

In January 2019, we completed a successful borehole drilling for Agirigiroi. All of the tests we needed to complete merited great results meaning we have exceptional water quality and quantity. So what happens next and when can the community start using this water source? Great question.

Our current issue is that we found a lot of water, we mean A LOT of water. Our original design cannot move this much water. To put it into perspective, the aquifer we found is the biggest in the district. The second biggest can sustainably provide 125 liters (33 gallons) of water every hour. The aquifer we found can sustainably provide 3,375 liters (892 gallons) of water every hour. To move all of this extra water, we need stronger pipes, more solar energy, and a powerful pump.

We have already provided training for the community on what to expect next. Next would include completing all of the water storage and distribution parts. Once completed, the solar energy and pump can be installed to begin providing clean water to everyone. Before the system would officially get turned on, final training would take place to run through the entire system with the community.

At this point, the only thing holding us back is the availability of funds. This project will guarantee a life long supply of clean water and drastically change the effects of poor water and sanitation. Together, let's raise funds and work with Agirigiroi to end their water crisis.