Water Struck for Agirigiroi: Now What?

During our most recent trip to Uganda, we found a clean water source for the community of Agirigiroi. Through a joint effort between professionals in the United States and in Uganda, many people collaborated to create to discover this water source. Now that the borehole is dug and almost completed, now what?

Great question because we are almost done and the water taps to this project are almost ready to be turned on. Next week, three important tests are going to be completed: A pump test, water quality sampling test, and soil sampling test.

These three tests will reveal how much water is present, if any methods of filtration are necessary, and can the soil hold the weight of a small water tower.

Our objective with this project is to ensure everyone in Agirigiroi has to walk less then .5kms to get clean water year round. This will be a substantial improvement from their original situation of having no water in the dry season and having to walk 2.5kms or more to find a water source.

Once our the three highlighted tests above are completed, we will begin implementing our final design of solar energy and water distribution. Depending on the ability for contractors to mobilize, we are hoping to start and finish this phase in February. Thousands of peoples lives are being changed thanks to you.