1,000 miles completed. 1,100 miles to go

Chris Roma has been making excellent movement and strides in his effort to complete the Appalachian Trail. He has yet to take any breaks to help him be done in 100 days. On day 43 of his walk, he finished the first 1,000 miles of the trail. He feels blessed to be in the woods and witness beautiful moments that let him breathe and be at peace. He has experienced his fair share of low moments but is always able to push through.

While we rest and relax on the weekends, he is walking an average of 22 miles a day. While it rains or is hot outside, he is always moving. Similar to how a child always has to walk to find water. On day 40, his motivation was at an all-time low. Virginia was taking its toll on him. A part of the trail known to be absolutely relentless with elevation, mountain tops, and endless fields of rocks. During these weak moments, he is always able to push forward. Knowing who he is doing this for and how he will directly change a communities life. Also how he will get to see his girlfriend when he reaches New Jersey.

At this point, the hardest part of the trail is over. He has conquered the mountains of the first quarter of the trip, he has completed the longest state. Now its a matter of pushing forward through the hot summer. If anyone can do this, it is Chris.