Mountains, Rain, and wild ponies: First Quarter of the Appalachian Trail

Chris Roma set off to begin the Appalachian Trail on May 1st dedicating his hike to help children gain access to clean drinking water. He started at the southernmost point in Georgia with the goal of averaging 22 miles a day or completing 1% of the trail every day. 

The AT starts as an elevation challenge with the highest points being in the first states. For the first few days, his team climbed more than 6,000ft every day in the unforgiving heat. They all moved forward even with sore feet with the goal of having no zero mile days.

On Day 9, they were able to experience a luxury, a pizza buffet at CiCi's Pizza. After consuming their own body weight in pizza, it was the positive reinforcement they needed the toughest state of the trail, Tennessee.  They had their hardest week in front of them, all h28 mile days and 90-degree weather. A break from the heat occurred after day 21 when clouds covered the sun bringing endless rain for 7 days.

Their effort to move forward and not stop is admirable. On Day 30, there was no sight of shelter for over 40 miles. So they had no choice besides to cover the entire distance. They covered 40 miles, an overall total of 702 miles and were welcomed by trail angels at four pines hostel with a place to sleep.

Keep it up, Chris!