Chris Roma: The Triple Crown for Clean Water

On May 1st Chris Roma, New Hampshire Native, started mile one of the 2800-mile Appalachian Trail to help provide underserved communities with clean drinking water. He has completed the Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) and the Continental Divide Trail (3,100 miles). During his journey, he realized the importance of having clean water and wanted to do something unique for his final thru-hike.  Chris is partnering with MissionCleanWater, a nonprofit organization working to provide accessible clean drinking water and sanitation to underserved communities.

chris photo.PNG

Currently, there are 844 million people in the world without access to drinking water. They have to walk every day to find water. Since most men are working, it is primarily the women and children's job to get water for their family.  Women sacrifice taking care of their family while children as young as 5 miss out on a proper education. The water collected often comes from rivers, lakes, and puddles that are shared by animals. During the dry seasons, rain is infrequent. Many have to dig holes in river beds to get water in the dirt.  Children can spend up to 8 hours collecting water that is not even clean. Children that consume dirty water do not have a strong enough immune system to defend against water-related diseases such as Hepatitis, Typhoid, and Cholera. Together, this can all change by supporting Chris Roma.

If Chris can reach his donation goal, the lives of thousands will change instantly. Water-related diseases will disappear, long walks to retrieve water will be eliminated, and children, especially girls, will have the chance to grow.  Clean water improves health, gender equality, education, opportunity, and time.  Chris is empowering us all to push forward and to work together as a team to help those born into a life of hardship. 

Show your support by coming to The Loading Dock on May 18th for a reggae concert and silent art auction. Come dance, party, and enter for the chance to win original local artist work.