Community Based Water Management

There are many reasons a clean water project can fail. If one part is forgotten, then everything can collapse. One main reason for a stopped project is the lack of provided education to the community from the affiliate organization. Eventually, some part of the water infrastructure will break causing the entire project to settle. Since clean water cannot be collected, the community moves back to their original dirty water source. By working with the community and being welcomed, we can avoid any failed projects.

Community management is key to making sure clean water projects do not fail. A project can not start until a Water User Committee is formed. They are a group of individuals representing the entire community that are in charge of maintaining the community water resource. Each Water User Committee has different roles that are necessary in order to take care of their project. For example, each committee will have a chairman and a chairwoman that hold community meetings. There is a water technician that can replace broken parts. Most importantly, each Water User Committee member is fully trained in project maintenance to fix any broken pieces. 

These roles are necessary for their project. Another important aspect of the Water User Committee is the utilization of education. It is also their role to keep the community educated on water and sanitation. They are taking advantage of all best management practices because they understand how important water is.