Future Global Water Shortages

Current world water supplies are becoming overused and polluted.  As the demand for water continues to increase, civil unrest is expected to follow. More people are moving to urban landscapes. With continued stress on the world's water resources, by 2050, 5.4 billion people are expected to live in water-scarce areas. These people will have to rely on conservation methods to have clean water in the future.

The trends of Climate Change show the wetter areas will get wetter while the drier areas are getting drier. Communities dry climates can expect less rain and nothing to replenish their water source. For example, Capetown is a 4 million person city that now has to ration daily water usage to 12 gallons of water a day. Citizens follow strict guidelines to conserve as much water as possible. 

Water Conservation efforts have to be made in all sectors. This includes the reuse of water to help water fields, gardens, and household use. Proper forest and soil management is necessary to better retain and distribute water. For the ninth time, water experts are meeting in Brazil to discuss the future of water management.