It was not long ago when James Leitner had a hard decision to make. He stood at the edge of Salt Lake City with full camping gear and 10 gallons of water. He had to walk 100 miles on the infamous Salt Flats to make it into Nevada. There was no houses, stores, or buildings for 100 miles. Only salt. Fearful, he began mile 1.

It took James Leitner 143 days to walk across the United States. He walked 3,250 miles or the same distance a woman or child will walk in a year in Africa to just get water. He pulled 10 gallons of water the entire time to symbolize the amount of water a family needs for one day. The reality of clean water is shocking to most considering most people always have water. Walking 3,250 miles was a choice for James, no one was telling him he had to do this. 
Every single day a child or woman is waking up early because they have to get water for their family. Walking multiple times, carrying water, missing out on the chance to go to school or work. 

School at a United States public school is typically 180 days long. Imagine having to miss 143 of those days. No child can gain a proper education. 

Now imagine gaining 143 days to a year. The opportunities are endless and can change a community, child, or woman's life. It is time to work together and be the change.