Why We Run

The first MissionCleanWater Running Club members are starting to train for their March races. They have been runners for many years, but have found a new reason to run.  Not only are they trying to accomplish personal records, they are providing clean water and sanitation to communities in need. All they have to do is run and share. 

When we run, we represent the women and children walking for water every day. They have no water to cook with, to wash their clothes, to bath, or to drink. Someone has to go and find water. Depending on the season, most water sources can become dry. Some spend 2-4 hours walking every day to get water forcing them to miss out on school or other opportunities. 
When someone signs up for the running club they providing a new life to a community. A life with accessible, clean water and sanitation. Women and children are not walking all day to get water. They can use this freedom to go to school or take care of their family. Waterborne diseases almost disappear.  Life completely transforms.

Signing up is a big start in providing accessible clean drinking water. We will help you every step of the way. Contact us at MissionCleanWater.org for more information.