Traveling in the Shoes of a Child Without Water

Everything needs water. Without water, nothing can happen. For communities without water, whether it is dirty or clean, someone must go out early or late into the night to bring water back so the day can begin.

It is a child's job, typically the girls, to get water for their family. What seems like a simple task will take up most of their day and energy. They leave home with empty 5-gallon cans beginning their 2-3 mile journey. Quite the way to spend your morning. Without walking with a companion, many children risk being attacked by people.

Once they make it to their water source, they have to fill up their 5-gallon can. The water tends to be muddy, murky, and shared with animals. Once the 5-gallon can is full, it weighs 45lbs. That same 2-3 mile walk just became harder and troublesome.

Carrying 45lbs is no easy feat even for an adult. The pressure of the water constantly shifts as it is balanced on top of the child's head. Small breaks are needed every few minutes from the exhaustive process of carrying water. Once they make it home, they must begin to use that same water to cook, clean, and wash. Even if that water is dirty and might make someone sick, they must use it for their day.

After all of these chores, children can leave to go attend school. Many will become distracted or fall asleep from being exhausted of carrying the weight of the water.

This all can change, with an accessible clean water source close to their home. This is where MissionCleanWater comes to help.