Summiting Mount Hunter: Adventuring for Clean Water

Ross Kulick woke up early on Dec 18th to grab his ski gear and begin his winter summitting hike of Mount Hunter. This was not just another hike but an event. The 4.5 miles, 1,600ft of elevation, and freezing temperatures will play a unique role in challenging Ross each step. His trek is to help children and communities gain access to clean drinking water.

Ski boots in his backpack, helmet on his head, and skis strapped to his side. Ross was at the trail head ready to start. The weight distribution and awkwardness of his gear made hiking tough. Balancing between hot and cold became a constant frustration. To Ross, this was expected, something he prepared for and handled well.

Water played a constant role in his hike. His own water supply froze from the cold temperatures forcing him to use a portable pocket stove to warm up his water. The ice and snow made the trail slippery and harder to walk through. When he was sweating and began to cool down, his sweat would freeze making him to cold.

Even with these unique challenges, Ross was unphased summiting the top and enjoying a partial day of skiing. His next goal is to summit all of the 35 peaks in the Catskills Mountains.