The Next Steps Have Started

During our field assessments in August and September, we identified two communities that need the most help with clean drinking water. Agirigiroi and Akuoro are located in the Serere district of Uganda and do not have a clean water source. To make their situation worse, the dirty water sources they have will go dry during the dry season. When there is no water, women, and children will begin walking up to 4kms missing school and work to try and find water. A clean water solution has to be created soon because both communities will not be able to last through worsening dry seasons.

During our field assessments, we were able to meet with each community and learn what they want to be accomplished. A coordinated effort between the local water district office, environmental consultants, and ourselves started to finish the first technical part of helping. We needed a thorough hydrogeological report completed and to begin community education on water and sanitation issues.

On October 13-15, our field team and an environmental contractor traveled to visit Agirigiroi and Akuoro to begin geological and educational field assessments. The purpose of this fieldwork was to work with the community and determine the best location to search for groundwater. While the contractor was using their methods to locate groundwater, our team and the local water district office was working with the community to teach them what was happening. They learned about the importance of sanitation practices and using a groundwater resource carefully. The Water User Committees worked with the contractors providing help in any way they could.

The contractors were able to locate the water table and determine the best locations to find groundwater. All of the landowners gave their word publically that it is okay to drill on their land as long as it provides their community with clean water. A final report will be prepared to share the local water district offices and the contractor's thoughts about how to proceed. The best thing to do now is to keep the community informed and get ready to move forward with getting groundwater.