What does Dirty Water Look Like?

Imagine. You are 7 years old and your family does not have clean water. Your mom has to take care of  your younger sibling while your brother has to get ready to go to school. You can't go to school because it is your job to get water for your family. No house chores or tasks can be completed until your family has water. The only source is hand dug wells on the bottom of a dried up river. You take your 5 gallon jug and begin the journey. 

The journey is not to far, it takes about an hour. The river is dotted with hand dug wells. People dig holes a few feet deep to try and get water that has seeped into the ground during the wet season. The water is filled with dirt and soil but it is better then nothing. You know it might make you or your family sick, but it is all you have. You make the journey back home but this time it takes you 2 hours because the 5 gallon jug is so much heavier. Once home, you have to make the journey two more times to get enough water for your entire family.

You are done getting water for the day but know tomorrow, you will have to do it again. It has been a few months since you have been able to attend school. The water you are bringing back has made you sick but for now, it will have to do. Hopefully soon, a new water source can change all of this.