George Washington's Birthday Marathon #10

The course was through rural Greenbelt, MD but did not provide elevation information online. I was simply relieved that the day was 60 degrees and did not start until 10am. All other marathons either started at 7 or 7:30am. But the late start turned out to be worse then I thought.

 We started and right away,  downhill. this was good for the time being, but I knew that at some point, I am going to have to climb all of these hills. The course was going to be 4 loops which gave me a chance to get ready for each hill and excited for the downhill. 

I thought I ate enough before the marathon but that turned out to be wrong. After mile 8, I became very hungry making me have vertigo and made my heart race. I was overwhelmed with confusion and pain and had issues calming myself down until mile 17. At that moment, I just wanted to finish and began to count down each mile as I passed. Just 6 more miles, just 5 more miles, and so on. 

I made it to the finish line where friends and a pizza waited me. I could not of asked for a better way of finishing. Proud of what I have accomplished, I became excited for the chance to be back in Tanzania and helping provide clean water.