Drake Well Marathon #4

With only a 3 week break in between marathons, the 4th month and marathon was approaching. Only an hour from Lake Erie, this marathon was in Titusville, PA. A friend bought me a hotel for the night since he found out I was planning on finding a camping site some where close. I walked around Titusville, noticing the gorgeous architecture and history from the oil era. 

While at the hotel, a family tried to get a room but did not have enough money. The 8 of them sat in their van looking lost and unsure where to go. I walked over to spark a conversation and to see if they needed any help. They were traveling and have slept uncomfortably in their van the past few nights. So I gave them my room and slept in a Walmart parking lot. The fluorescent lights regularly glared into the car. Eventually, my alarm went off at 5 am. Dazed, I worked my way to start line.

The marathon began and I was doing great. My mind was sharp, there were no hills, and the runners were very supportive. I was going my fastest pace and showed no signs of slowing down. The course was beautiful. The trail we took was always along Oil Creek, a 120ft wide stream. 

Mile 17 was the farthest point which meant I got to turn around and head down all familiar ground. Once I passed the 18-mile mark a wall hit me. My shoulders and arms are running out of steam from carrying the water, my chest would start pumping, and I felt ill. I experienced vertigo and my depth perception was off. I spent my time at each aid station and eventually reached another runner. He and I continued pushing each other to finish. We both just made it to the time limit. It was a great event and marks the 4th marathon completed.