Day 143: A 3,250 mile journey comes to an end

Day 143: The last day walking, a 22 mile journey, a majority of it along the coast. I have never felt so clear headed. No more days walking 30 miles in heat and then doing the same thing again. Everything felt worry free. For the first time, there is no more land to walk west. The only choice is north or south. The Golden Gate Bridge is the end point, so north it is. 

At 12:30, I met my friends and family at the entrance to the golden gate bridge and we all walked across. Even though there were many people walking around, it felt peaceful. I never felt overwhelmed with emotions, just peaceful. My body and mind can be put to rest. When walking across, I realized that this trip is only the beginning. The donations have been received, now it is time to put it all to work. To begin helping the people in Tanzania and doing work on the ground. I knew the longer I took to rest, the longer people did not have clean drinking water.

I spent 143 days walking across the country while pulling 10 gallons of water to show what people went through in Africa. This means someone spends 143 days of the year just to get water. This time can be spent much more effectively working, getting an education, or being more involved in the community.

In the end, I am the lucky one. People were looking out for me every step of the way. I had the chance to train for this, it was my choice. Not everyone is this lucky. Women and children have to do this everyday regardless of age, injury, or disability. The water they get each day is also dirty. We can change all of this.