A Marathon a Month with 45lbs of water

I remember sitting on my couch trying to think of a new type of fundraiser to do, something no one has done before. There are a lot of 5k or 10k events where teams of people carry 5 gallons of water for charity. But has anyone tried doing that for a marathon? I laughed at the idea, thinking I have no ability to run distance like that and definetely not with 45lbs of dead weight. Within an hour, the idea becomes a goal and I go for my first long run to see how far I can make it. From there, I created the goal of completing a marathon a month while carrying 5 gallons of water. I was nervous, but ready to begin training.


I only had 4 months before my first marathon and I needed to build my endurance, strength, and mental discipline. I followed a running routine, 3 weekdays at a faster pace, 1 weekend day for 15+miles at a slow pace while carrying the water. To get used to the weight of the water, I would spend 3 days a week just holding the water above my head for as long as I can.


Training for this just amazes me that people are doing this everyday and not by choice. Some half my age are walking to get their family water. Imagining the physical and mental exhaustion done to a child walking 8+ miles to get water is what has helped me continue to train. Knowing that each day training will help raise money to prevent these walks.