Partner with Clean Water for Life

MissionCleanWater has easy and accommodating partnerships that allow any company, foundation, or brand become involved in the future of clean water. Become part of clean water and sanitation solutions that do not fail, work year round, provide water to the most vulnerable communities.


Here are some examples of how your brand can become involved

Each type of partnership can be tailored towards specific requests, methods of engagement, and areas of recognition or outreach.


Brand partner

Donate a percentage of your proceeds of a specific product to increase brand awareness and influence.


EXpert PArtner

Provide technical, marketing, or any professional consultation to assist in project and organization development.


Project Partner

Sponsor a portion or all of a project to invest directly and for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Event Partner

Host your own event, request a speaker, or become a sponsor for an event we host.


Looking for Something Different?

Contact us directly about more information for the above programs or to begin creating a tailored partnership that fits your needs.


Why Corporate Social Responsibility?

Whether a local or national business, CSR investing is important. This is where companies hold themselves socially accountable to make decisions that enhance economic, social, and environmental benefit. The public, stakeholders, and future investors prefer companies with strong CSR portfolios.


87% of potential investors want to see environmental and social risks planned for.


75% of millenials would take a pay cut to work for a company with a CSR portfolio.


66% of consumers will pay more for social good products.


50% reduction in employee turnaround when employees are engaged in CSR programs.


Our Current Partners