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Adventure for Clean Water and We Will Cover Your Budget

How it works

It is time to explore, see the world, and have an adventure. We want to help you explore the outdoor world through charity. Why adventuring and water? You can not successfully adventure without a good source of water to keep you going.
Create an epic journey, fill out our form below, and we will help cover the entire trip. Need help planning an adventure? We have the experience to work with you and create something extraordinary. No matter how big or how small, any size adventure is possible.
In order for us to cover the costs, participants must raise 3.25x the cost of the trip. Once you raise that amount, we will cover the budget.

Current Adventures

Here are the current adventures and how you can follow the journey. If you want to be featured, please fill out our form above.

the Devils Path Record


On April 14th, James Leitner will attempt to break the fastest time of the Devils Path in NY. 51 miles and 12 mountain peaks in 18 hours and 15 minutes. Help him raise $500 towards clean water.
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Triple Crown of 200s


Chris Roma has accepted a challenge only 7 people have done, the Triple Crown of 200s. Join him as he finishes three 200 mile races in three months. Help him raise $9,000 towards clean water.
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Featured Adventures