3,250 Miles

On average, a women or child in Africa will walk 3,250 miles to just get water. This water is not clean, and more hours most be spent each day purifying the water. Our founder, James Leitner, created a journey that symbolized what women and children have to go through. He left on May 17th, from Princeton, NJ to begin walking 3,250 miles while pulling 10 gallons of water the entire way.

143 days later, he walked across the Golden Gate Bridge concluding his journey. He walked a marathon a day through rain, heat, mountains, deserts, fire, and snow. 

Visit below to see his journey and what fueled him to finish.

Day 3 Mile 50 The Delaware River

Day 3 Mile 50 The Delaware River

Day 65 Mile 1,625 Mcook, Nebraska

Day 65 Mile 1,625 Mcook, Nebraska

Day 142 Mile 3,255 The Pacific Coast

Day 142 Mile 3,255 The Pacific Coast

Fueling the Trek

James knew that the 3250 mile trek carrying ten gallons of water would be extraordinarily challenging. After the first two weeks of traveling, because of muscle soreness and fatigue, he thought it would be difficult to complete his mission. Then someone told James about PacificHealth Labs' products, which he then used for recovery, fueling, and energy.

"Once I started using their endurance and recovery products, all the triple-digit temperature days became easy, I was not sore after 40+ mile days, and I could finally relax." 

After the trek, James wrote PacificHealth Laboratories and they told him they want to support the initiatives of MissionCleanWater going foward.

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Participate in the Virtual Run for World Water Day

On March 25th, we will be hosting a Virtual Run for World Water Day. Together we will represent women and children walking for water every day.

You have 24 hours to complete the distance of your choosing from any location.

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